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We are an independent substance misuse and associated mental health charity in central Lancashire

Welcome to Tribal Project

Welcome to Tribal Project, a dynamic and independent substance misuse and associated mental health charity situated in the heart of central Lancashire. At Tribal Project, we are committed to not only supporting individuals on their path to recovery but actively engaging in transformative work that empowers lives and embraces change. Our dedicated team, comprised of individuals who have triumphed over substance misuse, serves as the driving force behind our mission. They bring a wealth of personal experience, empathy, and understanding to provide essential support and guidance to those seeking to reclaim their lives. We believe in the inherent potential for personal growth and are steadfast in our commitment to empower individuals on their journey towards recovery, fostering a life that is balanced, fulfilled, and productive.

Recovery Support

Personalised plans, group sessions, and counselling for substance misuse recovery. Join us on a transformative journey to well-being.

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Educational sessions led by experienced facilitators. Gain skills to navigate life post-substance misuse, fostering growth and balance.

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About us

Tribal Project, your ally in recovery. Our compassionate team, with lived experience, guides individuals to lasting positive change.

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Supporting the road to 
substance misuse recovery

Tribal Project provides diverse recovery services with a deep understanding of substance misuse challenges. Our compassionate team offers personalised support based on empathy and personal experience. We acknowledge the uniqueness of each individual's journey and provide tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.

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Our work is funded by donations from people like you. With your support we can fostering a brighter future for individuals overcoming substance misuse.

Success Stories

Making a difference to all

At Tribal Project, we have witnessed countless success stories of individuals who have embraced recovery and transformed their lives. We are proud to share these stories of resilience, strength, and personal growth, as they serve as a beacon of hope for those currently on their own recovery journey.


The understanding within the group empowered me to break free from grip of addiction. Today, I am a healthier, happier version of myself.


Tribal Project goes beyond support; they become your recovery family. The group sessions provided solace and connection, reinforcing that recovery is not a solitary path but a shared journey.


Tribal Project is more than a charity; they're my recovery companions. The group sessions felt like a shared victory, reminding me that recovery is about connection and understanding, not isolation.

The Tribal Project team helped me change my life. The program's holistic approach and the support of this incredible group have given me the tools to rebuild my life. I'm grateful they where there when I needed help the most.


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