Success Stories

Celebrating Transformation and Inspiring Change

At Tribal Project, we have witnessed countless success stories of individuals who have embraced recovery and transformed their lives. We are proud to share these stories of resilience, strength, and personal growth, as they serve as a beacon of hope for those currently on their own recovery journey. 

Read about the transformative experiences of our clients:


The understanding within the group empowered me to break free from grip of addiction. Today, I am a healthier, happier version of myself.


Tribal Project goes beyond support; they become your recovery family. The group sessions provided solace and connection, reinforcing that recovery is not a solitary path but a shared journey.


Tribal Project is more than a charity; they're my recovery companions. The group sessions felt like a shared victory, reminding me that recovery is about connection and understanding, not isolation.


Tribal Project is my rock in recovery. Their personalised support and group CBT sessions have given me a much better understanding of myself and my behaviours.